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Since Oct. 2015

PhD Student in Bio-Robotics
Aix-Marseille University, Marseille, France.
Supervisors : Stéphane Viollet and Julien Serres.

Jun. - Jul. 2017

Neuromorphic Vision Engineering Workshop
Telluride, Colorado, USA.
Format: background lectures on systems and cognitive neuroscience (in particular sensory processing, learning and memory, motor systems and attention), practical tutorials on emerging hardware design, mobile robots, hands-on projects, and special interest groups.

Dec. 2015

MSc Degree in Electronics and Informatics
ENSEA, French Engineering School, Institut Polytechnique Grand Paris, Paris Area, France.
Disciplines : Analog and Numerical Electronics, Automation, Robotics, Signal Processing, HMI, C/C++/Java Programming, Medical Physics, Image Processing (X-ray Tomography, fMRI).

Sep. 2015

MSc Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
University of Cergy-Pontoise, Paris Area, France.
Disciplines : Neural Networks, Machine-learning,Computer Vision, Algorithmics, HMI, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Wavelets and Signal Processing.

Teaching Activities


Teacher in Signal Processing, Motion Capture and Web Design
Aix-Marseille University, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Marseille, France.
~64hours/year for master students.


Supervision of a graduate student: Sean Lapalus (EMSE Gardanne)
ISM Biorobotics Lab., Marseille, France.
Real-time optic flow for obstacle detection and avoidance.

Scholarships and Awards


Best paper award
Living Machines Conference


Best paper award
European Conference on Mobile Robotics


Merit Scholarship
University of Cergy-Pontoise, Paris Area, France.
One-year funding : 7000€


Apr. - Sep. 2015

Research Internship - ETIS CNRS UMR 8051 - Neurocybernetics Team
Hand gripping ability development on a humanoid hand with 9 degrees of freedom, designed by Schunk, for the humanoid hydraulic robot Tino, collectively developed by BIA, LISV, ETIS and ENSEA.

Jun. - Aug. 2014

Research Internship - ETIS CNRS UMR 8051 - Neurocybernetics Team
C# drivers writting, 3D-modelling and neural control of a humanoid robotic hand.

Jun. - Aug. 2013

Research Internship - ETIS CNRS UMR 8051 - Image Processing Team
Implementation of Dijkstra algorithm for stereo-vision detected obstacles' avoidance for a 6 degrees of freedom robotic arm.

Self Entrepreneurship

Since 2019

Self Entrepreneur in Electronics and Robotics
Engineering consultancy in Electronics, Informatics and Robotics.
Speaker in Artificial Intelligence and Bio-Inspired Robotics.

SIRET number: 84529539300019.