From biology...

Think of yourself as you have to find your way home in a vast, arid land whitout any traditional navigation tool such as maps, compass and GPS. This is what Cataglyphis and Melophorus ants do every day with unrivalled performances. Since they live in desertic lands, heat on the ground would instantly destroy pheromones. This is the reason why these ants do not use such chemical substances. To complete navigation tasks, ants only rely on visual cues like low resolution panoramic vision, UV-light polarization, and optical flow, but also use proprioceptive cues from their legs (stride integration).

To Bio-Robotics

The purpose of my PhD is to develop and test a kind of robotic clone of ants to first, find a bio-inspired spare solution to outdoor navigation tasks where common navigation tools fail, and second to provide the biologist community with field results obtained with models they designed years ago. More information coming soon!